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Nicolas is son of Vietnamese refugees who fled their home country risking their lives in unseaworthy boats. Fortified by his family struggle, he has been relentless in his quest for a meaningful and purposeful life.

Nicolas co-founded Junto Montreal Society in 2008. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s original Junto Club established in 1727, Nicolas gathered like-minded leaders in the Montreal community to focus on the importance of placing people at the heart of learning and giving.

His vision aims to democratize access to learning and giving by disrupting the traditional model of philanthropy where one typically learns at the young age, earns at the middle age, only then gives back at later age. By removing economics out of the equation, giving becomes unbound from one’s capacity to earn and empowers anyone to fast-track giving. He calls this “intellectual philanthropy”, where knowledge and community engagement become the main currency for giving.

His mission is to create an enjoyable and meaningful eco-system where people can connect, learn and give back simultaneously. Inciting people to shift perspectives, act intentionally and co-create positive impact in the community.

In the last 15 years, Nicolas has been working in the field of investment finance. Today, derivatives trader turned into asset allocator, he is known to be an astute institutional investor. He was named by Chief Investment Officer magazine as top 25 NextGen CIO list in 2018 and one of the 2015 top Forty Under Forty.

Nevertheless, he sets out not overly focused in make the marginal dollar for future giving, but instead, dedicates his time towards making a difference immediately. #TheFutureIsNow. Nicolas is determined to leave lasting contributions in the field of investment management as much as in the field of non-profit.

Nicolas is an alumnus of the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University where he graduated with a degree in Commerce with a major in Finance. He holds the CFA, FRM and CAIA professional designations.

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