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Diego graduated from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis with a B.A. in General History with a minor in Art History, followed by a M.A. in Contemporary History obtained with honors (he quickly included Internet tools in the process of indexing and writing of his thesis) and finally a D.E.A. (Master II) in History / Human Sciences.

Originally destined for teaching and research or journalism, during his D.E.A. (Master II), Diego saw in 1994-1996 an extraordinary opportunity in the nascent Internet and then decides to create his own company based on the French Riviera, in order to develop websites fully dedicated to academic support (History - Geography) and various types of online resources for Web and content management professionals.

But at that period, technology was not yet at the rendezvous.

Therefore, Diego developed the customer Web services side of his company, which propelled him thus in a course without interruption finally leading to Montreal, while passing by Paris, London, the overall Europe and the United States.

Arrived in Canada in 2004, he pursued his efforts by founding his graphic and development agency that he still owns and an adjoining Art gallery allowing him to reconcile his vision of teaching through digital technology, his A.I. strategies, his abilities as a programmer, graphic designer and his vocation as a Visual Art artist, around the four major fields of artificial intelligence...

Intelligence (algorithmic and programming), word (editorial and multimedia content), image (photography and graphic arts) and memory (indexing and archiving).

Of three different nationalities, French, Italian and Canadian, Diego is polyglot and currently masters most Web and Object programming-oriented languages (23 years of experience).

From now on, Diego fully dedicates himself to his original vocation, the Transmission of Knowledges, thanks to artificial intelligence (principle of complete immersion).

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