Our mission is to empower everyone to act and unlock progress via real-life connection, learning and giving.

Our Mandate

The Junto Montreal Society (JMS) is an inclusive nonprofit organization set out to create a community of cognitively diverse people with a shared interest for continuous learning and giving.

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In the form of monthly talks and workshops, we strive to build a mechanism transforming ideas into action. Events are free, open to everyone and non-industry specific. The Junto Montreal Community provides you with the environment and the opportunity to interact with brilliant minds, to network and collaborate, to inspire and get inspired.

Next Conference


La force de la pensée collective

Junto with Pierre-Luc Thivierge et Mateo Novales-Flamarique

JANUARY,30, 20206.30 PMAt the Maison Notman House, Montréal


Previous Conference

Junto with Paul Simard

JULY,31, 20196.30 PMAt the Maison Notman House, Montréal


Recent Conference

Junto Bossing Up with Samantha Kris

JUNE,25, 20196.30 PMAt the Maison Notman House, Montréal